How to Impress Your Girlfriend Parents?

42 Tips – How to Impress Your Girlfriend Parents?

Hello Friends, I’m Sahil Zangid and today I’m going to tell you about those 42 Tips, which can help you to Impress Your Girlfriend Parents. I hope you’ll like it…

1) Be Successful – This one is the first and most important thing in this list. Believe me, If you are a good successful guy then no one be against your relationship.

2) Never lie about your work/job or salary – Even if your girlfriend tells you to do.

3) Involve them in decisions – We are not talking about decisions like buying a shirt or shoes. But, if you are planning to buy a house or make some big investment for the future, or need to take any wedding-related decision, do make sure that they are involved in the discussions. Whatever you finally choose would be your own decision, but her parents will definitely like it when you would seek their advice.

4) Be Financially secure – Obviously, her parents wouldn’t want her to live her life with a bum. But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to be rich. You have to show that you have a secure job, you can support her and your future family based on it.

5) Make them feel important – Yes, Try to show them that how they are important for you. You can make them important by many ways like, you can  – ask for their opinion on some matters, you can ask for their advice on how to deal with something etc.

6) Offer to help – If it is appropriate. This is appropriate only if an extra pair of hands would actually help instead of getting in the way. For example, if her father is unloading heavy items from a car or her mother is laying the table, you could be of assistance, and it would give you something to do with your hands.

7) Show how much you care for your girlfriend – What the parents are looking for more than anything else is how you treat their daughter. Give her extra attention and consideration to show her parents that you treat her well. But make sure you’re not overdoing it.

8) Make sure you answer the question ”What do you do?” correctly –  Even if they already heard about what you do, her parents will still ask this question. You might be lying to their daughter after all. Who knows? When her parents ask about your work, you should hit them with a quick but impressive summary of what you do. Even if you are super-successful, keep it short to avoid appearing like you are too full of yourself. If they want to know more, they’ll ask.

9) Bring a good gift for them – To do this you need to ask your girlfriend about what her parents like or do not like. When shopping for the gift, you might want to take her with you.

11) Dress to impress – Really, Parents tend to like the guys whom they find to be mature enough. And, as your clothes speak a lot about your personality, use them as a tool to create a good impression. This will help you to assure them that you are quite capable of taking care of their daughter as well as the other responsibilities that will come your way after marriage.

12) Talk about your personal goals – If you have plans in the future or if you are particularly good at something, share it with her parents but of course, not in a bragging way. Talk about the aspects of yourself and your life especially about your personal goals. Most parents like an ambitious guy, someone whom they can trust their daughter to be with.

13) Know their Expectations – You need to think from the perspective of your girlfriend’s parents on what are the qualities they might look for in their son-in-law and work on them.

14) Address them as Mr. & Mrs – Show respect to your girlfriend’s parents. It is good etiquette to address them as Mr. & Mrs. Or sir/mam or even uncle and auntie. Do not ever call them by their first names, even if they insist.

15) Don’t hide, Speak the truth – Never ever hide any important facts about you, your family and your career, Speak the truth.

16) Follow up your meeting – After your first meeting, do not behave as if your girlfriend’s father does not exist. Follow up your meeting with a phone call or text. If you feel apprehensive about calling, you can send him a thank you card or gift for inviting you over and treating you well.

17) Be yourself – Don’t even, for a second, try and be someone you’re not just because you think it will impress her parents. That is not going to happen; on the contrary they will think you are fake and cannot be trusted. Be yourself; they will respect you for that and know that their daughter has found a genuine man.

18) Offer to pay for dinner & drinks – They’re likely to kindly refuse you, but it shows that you are polite and financially stable (even if you’re a poor student).

19) Don’t forget to thank them – Show what a good boy you are by thanking them afterwards for inviting and meeting you. End the meeting at a good note and tell them you had a good time with them.

20) Speak respectfully to her parents – Use of polite language is always encouraged when you speak to her parents. Words like “Please” and “Thank you” must be used. Be on your best behavior.

21) Don’t just talk about yourself the whole time – Make sure you ask them lots too. This shows you have an interest in getting to know them, and that you’re not planning on leaving anytime soon.

22) Be confident – Confidence projects to everyone, including her parents. If you are not confident that will come across clearly to her parents; if you are not confident in yourself then why should they be confident in you?

23) Be respectful of their beliefs and opinions – What you don’t want to do is that never start an argument in which you try to prove that her parents are wrong. Remember that No one likes to be proven wrong.

24) Ask your girlfriend about what they like and don’t like – And give a big attention to their likes and say a big no to their dislikes.

25) Turn off your phone – Checking your phone constantly is considered rude during most social engagements or at the very least a sign of disinterest. So, stay off your phone while you’re hanging out with the them.

26) Be nice to their other sons/daughters – Your mission should not only impress her parents only, You have to impress the whole family and for this you have to be nice with their other sons/daughters.

27) Show your humorous side – As we all know that People with a good sense of humor are more likable. Sharing these funny and hilarious moments can facilitate trust and ease the awkwardness of any situation. It also makes your relationship with her parents easier. But make sure you’re not overdoing it.

28) Mind your manners – Good manners are important, and her parents will be acutely aware of them only if you lack them. Be polite but not obsequious. Be mindful of table manners and how you eat and compliment the dishes you do like.

29) Positive Body Language  Positive body language is one of the essential aspects of a healthy communication. Body language includes smiling face, maintaining a lot of eye contact and comfortable posture.

30) Keep Conversation Alive – Make an attempt to steer the conversation by raising a topic you think may interest them. For this, again you need your girlfriend’s help. Don’t cook up things; just say what and how much you know.

31) Remember you’re being judged – Being confident is helpful, but being over-confident is dangerous. No matter how comfortable they make you feel, but remember that they’re watching you and you’re being judged.

32) Listen to her parents – Yes, Show actual interest in what they are saying and answer their questions of you as fully as possible.

33) Don’t stress. But also…stress – You don’t want to be so stressed to the point that you start acting out of character. But at the same time, if you’re too calm, her parents may see that as lack of interest.

34) Bring up your own family as much as you can – Believe me, It will help you lot.

35) Arrive on time – Never keep them wait (especially when you meeting them somewhere outside), It’s disrespectful to arrive late.

36) Compliment something about their house or the meal – It Will help you.

37) Be ready for questions – Simply, Ask yourself what you would want to know about the man who was dating your future daughter; figure out your answers to these questions before meeting them.

38) Smile genuinely and often – Yes, Smiling makes you seem like you are friendly and happy which is needed in this situation.

39) Talk about positive things – Yes, Do not lead the conversation into something sad or else the vibe will change into a bad one.

40) Make your first impression count – look them in the eye and say hello. Smile to show you are glad to meet them. In an Indian tradition touching the feet is very common gesture that we used to give to our elders. It is a sign of respect.

41) Avoid too much physical contact with your girlfriend – Yes, Try to avoid too much physical contact with your girlfriend.

42) No private jokes with your girlfriend – Yes, completely avoid any private joke with your girlfriend in front of them.

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