Things You Should Never do in a Relationship

38 Things – You Should Never do in a Relationship

Hello Friends, I’m Sahil Zangid and today will tell you about Those 38 Things, Which you should  Never – Ever do in a Healthy Relationship. I hope you’ll like it…

1) Don’t Make Your Partner Your Entire Life – Listen, your partner is a part of your life, not you Life. You have your dreams, career, family, Friends etc and you should also keep them in your life.

2) Don’t Compare Your Relationship to Others – Because every relationship is different and their situations too.

3) Don’t Agree With Everything Your Partner Says – You should think about your own thoughts and opinions and respect them too.

4) Don’t Give Up Your Own Values – Really, Note that Don’t Give Up Your Own Values & Always Keep in your mind that who you are and what you stand for.

5) Don’t Be Distracted When Your Partner is Talking – Seriously, Put away the phone, turn off the TV, close the book. When your partner is talking to you, Really listen that what your partner is saying.

6) Don’t Focus on your partner bad’s & Negative’s – As we know that, Nobody is perfect in this world. Everybody has some bad’s & Negative’s and you will have also some bad’s & Negatives. So you should try to focus on the Good’s & positive’s of your partner. Rather than bad’s & Negatives.

7) Don’t Forget to Thank Them – You Should never Forget to Thank your partner If your partner does something for you.

8) Don’t Disrespect Them – Yes, You should always respect your partner and being always kind & polite with him/her. Note that – If you will respect your partner, then you will get respect back from your partner.

9) Don’t Constantly Criticize your partner – Part of being in a healthy relationship means supporting and accepting your partner for who they are, without judgment. So, Never Criticize your partner ever.

10) Don’t Get Hung Up on the Little Things – You should not to Get Hung Up on the Little – Little Things and try to calm & happy every time with your partner. You should Try to ignore these Little Things.

11) Don’t Keep Things In – If you don’t express your feelings, Thoughts, anger, and resentment, it will build and make you unhappy. So try more to Things out and tell your partner everything.

12) Don’t Say ‘Nothing’ When Your Partner Asks What’s Wrong – Believe me, It’s one of the most irritating things ever. So be honest and tell them everything politely, if something wrong with you.

13) Don’t Bring Up Anything and Everything During a Fight – Yes, We usually Bring lots of past Things & incidents during Fights, Which is totally wrong. We should forget all those things in past and try to end up the fight.

14) Don’t Forget to Compromise – Every relationship has some little bit fights n all & it’s also true that these fights are a part of the relationship which we don’t skip. But it’s also important that we forget them during the time and end up with a compromise.

15) Don’t Wait for Them to Apologize First – Kill your ego and apologize first. Rather than Wait for your partner to Apologize First. Believe me, it will make you a big heart person who is always happy.

16) Don’t put your private affairs on social media – Yes, You should Never Ever put or disclose your private affairs on social media. You should consult them personally & solved them.

17) Don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader. Communicate! – If there is something that you need in your relationship, articulate it clearly to your partner.

18) Don’t Try to Fix All Their Problems – Understand that Sometimes it’s not Possible & important to solve their problems.

19) Don’t Try to make him/her happy every time – Believe me…it is not possible and also important to happy him/her every time.

20) Don’t Expect too much from your partner – Yes you should never expect too much from your partner. Generally…we expect a lot from our partner, which hurts lots.

21) Don’t Hit your partner Ever – Yes, this one is also very important that you should never ever hit or beat your partner. You have no any right to hit him/her and you should understand it.

22) Don’t Insult your partner Ever – No matter you both are alone, party or somewhere else…..You should never insult your partner ever.

23) Don’t jealous – You should never get jealous when your partner is talking or hanging with him/her opposite sex friend. I know jealousy is natural activity but still, You should chill out & understand that they are friends only.

24) Don’t Compare your partner to someone else – You Should Never Ever Compare your partner with someone else. You should understand that everybody  is different from each other and everybody has something unique and special.

25) Don’t lie – You should Never Ever lie to your partner. Believe me, It’s one of the major cause for putting down of relationships.

26) Don’t reject an apology – You should Never Ever reject an apology from you partner. When your partner apologies for their mistake then you should Pardon them.

27) Don’t ask to your single friends for advice – Yes please note that you should never ask to your single friends for advice about the relationship.

28) Don’t share bank accounts – Sharing bank accounts is for when you are in a strategically monogamous relationship or married, other than that what’s yours is yours.

29) Don’t talk about the future to soon – Focus on the here and now. You should not talk about Future or planning about Future like: Marriage n all, when you’re in the beginning stage of Relationship.

30) Don’t over call or text – Really, It’s Still one of the most irritating things done by partners in a relationship which we should don’t do.

31) Don’t abuse – This is one of the worst thing which happen in relationships. Seriously, You should never abuse your partner ever & understand that he/she is not with you to abuse by you.

32) Don’t cheat – You should never cheat your partner ever. If you like someone else then say it properly to your partner and move on, rather than dating that person secretly and cheat them.

33) Don’t Ignore – Its generally we do when we are with our friends. So, never ever Ignore your partner ever.

34) Don’t forget to spent good time – Yes,You should never forget to spent a good time with your partner.

35) Never try to control your partner – Seriously, You should never try to control your partner. All have their personal life and you have no right to control it.

36) Never make a barrier of the career of your partner – As you, all know that career is one of the biggest thing in life and you can never compromise with it. If you feel that you are making a barrier in his/her career than you should give some space to your partner or leave him/her.

37) Don’t wait that your partner will call or text you first – Yes, you should never wait for your partner to call/text you first. If you feel that you should call/text to him/her then you should.

38) Don’t keep your Ego for him/her – Really, You should kill your ego for him/her. Ego is not a relationship thing and you should understand that as soon possible.

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