Sign You have a Crush on Someone

100 Signs – You have a Crush on Someone

Hello Friends, I’m Sahil Zangid and today I’ll tell you about Those 100 Signs that You have a Crush on Someone and you are in love with them. Overall, This post have all the things & signs, which happen…..When you have a Crush on Someone. I hope you’ll like it…

1) You’ll Tell Your Best Friends about him/her.

2) You’ll purposely hang out at places you know he/she will be present.

3) You’ll want to be really far away from him/her or maybe you want to be close to him/her all the time.

4) You’ll really care that what he/she thinks about you.

5) You’ll can’t be casual when you talk with him/her.

6) You’ll turn religious – you will pray and make promises to them. please, god let me meet him/her today. I’ll promise to be vegetarian for a week. Just let me see him/her today.

7) He/she is the first thing you’ll think in the morning.

8) You’ll Smile when you think about him/her.

9) You’ll Forget about other Guys/Girls.

10) You’ll constantly check your phone to see that he/she has texted you.

11) It makes your day when the two of you make eye contact, especially from afar.

12) You’ll avoid eye contact or you’ll too much eye contact with him/her.

13) You’ll feel that you can’t concentrate on your work.

14) You’ll cant sleep at night’s well because of thinking of him/her.

15) You’ll get distracted by him/her good  looks and try really hard to hide it.

16) You’ll get jealous when you see him/her with any other guy/girl.

17) You’ll feel boundless energy, when you’re with him/her.

18) When your best friends starts genuinely teasing you with his/her name.

19) He/She make you feel like you can do anything.

20) You’ll talk to him/her lot or don’t talk.

21) You’ll Stalk him/her on social media – Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms and know everything you need to know about them.

22) You’ll make lots of excuses to talk to him/her – oh, I  forgot my book can I borrow yours? Oh, I’m going to my friend’s house today, shall I walk with you?

23) You’ll constantly think about them, how perfect they are.

24) Your brain will obviously doesn’t work when you’re with him/her.

25) Your eyes light up when you see him/her.

26) You’ll dream about him/her.

27) If he/she don’t reply, you get irritate.

28) You’ll read him/her messages over and over again and smile.

29) You’ll Try to be someone you’re not.

30) Every time the phone makes any kind of sound, you’ll secretly hope that it’s him/her.

31) You’ll jealous when you see him/her taking interest in someone else.

32) You already say i love you to him/her in your dream & mind.

33) You’ll well Dress up & groom for moments when there’s a chance to see him/her.

34) You’ll blush when he/she ask something to you.

35) You’ll smile too much – You see him/her, you smile. You talk to him/her, you smile.

36) You’ll try to be funny if you are guy, and if you are girl you’ll laugh at everything he says.

37) When you wish for Sometimes alone with him/her.

38) You’ll start singing lots of love songs.

39) You’ll do extra effort to be noticed by him/her.

40) You generally say to you friends that we’re just friends ok.

41) Your close friends notice your odd behavior when you spend time with him/her.

42) When he/she ask a question about your love interest, you can’t respond properly.

43) You’ll think a lot before saying something to him/her.  At least, You Practice 5 times in mind before saying a simple Hi to him/her.

44) You’ll stammer because of nervousness, Sometimes you’ll stammer little, When he/she talking to you.

45) You will change from Lungi dance to Tum hi ho and Ben 10 to Ye hai aashiqui.

46) You’ll always defend him/her from other.

47) You’ll spend more time in front of the mirror to see that how’s i’m looking.

48) You’ll Involve in him/her family & their personal affairs & problems And try your best to solve them.

49) You’ll think negative Whenever he/she replies a bit late, it still always seems as if he/she has a boyfriend/girlfriend and she is busy with him.

50) You will talk about him/her to the people who matter to you.

51) Sometimes you just run away from him/her, because you can’t even deal – Due to several reasons, like you don’t looking good on that time, he/she is with their friend circle, he/she is in public area etc.

52) When he/she walking towards you, your mind has thoughts like, “I look pretty today, should I just do a hair flip?”

53) If you make him/her laugh, you feel as though you’ve achieved something great.

54) When he/she notices you, Its your one of the best moment of life.

55) You stare at him/her in such a way, that he won’t be able to notice.

56) It’s you best feeling ever in life, When he/she compliments you.

57) When he/she replies back to your simple hello message, you become speechless as though you have confessed and he had accepted.

58) When You meet him/her, your heart beats a little faster, you begin to feel butterflies in your stomach and your mind is full of thoughts.

59) You’ll feel that, you can do anything for him/her.

60) You go blank when he/she asks you something. You’ll want to speak but you can’t when he/she is around you.

61) You’ll can’t make eye contact for long with him/her.

62) You’ll try to act cool & normal when you see him/her in public

63) You’ll read a lot about dating and relationship Like: You are reading my blog.

64) You’ll can’t initiate a talk, when he/she with you.

65) You’ll Notice the fine details – you noticed the colour of their eyes, do you know personal details about them, and do you know what they like and dislike I.E favourite and least favourite foods?

66) Your words doesn’t come out of your mouth, when he/she around you.

67) When you are ready to do whatever they ask you for – like their homework, housework, even walk their pets for them, anything and everything to grab their attention, get their appraisal.

68) You’ll start to compare everyone else with him/her and feel that there can not be anyone better than him/her.

69) You’ll manage time to meet & see him/her, now matter how you are busy but still you manage time to meet & see her/him.

70) If he/she smiles back at you ….Then, The smile on your face lasts longer.

71) Only you in the entire world can understand – why & how he/she is so special for you.

72) If you have him/her number, but he/she don’t know – Because you’re going to write texts and delete them before hitting the send. Open their contact information, but never will hit the call button.

73) You can’t stop talking about him/her and your friends get tired listening to you.

74) You’ll get nervous to making eye contact with him/her.

75) When you don’t skip love songs.

76) You’ll start wondering a lot about what would have happened – Your spare time will be spent thinking about what will happen if you did this or said that.

77) When you smile a lot, without any reason.

78) You’ll wouldn’t be able to believe yourself when people say you have a crush on him/her.

79) Even a single thought of him/her, bring a smile to your face.

80) You’ll want to be unique/special in front of him/her.

81) When all the songs start making sense.

82) You’ll feel the desire to physical contact with him/her.

83) You’ll Show an Interest in new Things – If, you find yourself showing an interest in new things, which previously you had no interest in, you could be doing this to get closer to somebody you’re crushing on, or to simply try and impress them.

84) You’ll give more priority to her birthday than yours.

85) You’ll start to imagine him/her everywhere.

86) When you are around him/her, you’ll absolutely, 100% cannot fart.

87) You’ll always think that is he/she like me? – the most existential of life questions, will cross your mind.

88) You’ll Listen one song constantly.

89) Your day is incomplete without seeing & talking him/her.

90) You’ll always excite to see him/her.

91) Sometimes You’ll do stupid things in front of him/her.

92) You’ll really – really care about him/her.

93) You’ll find everything about him/her cute.

94) You’ll Mirror him/her.

95) You’ll try your best to bump into him/her – Trying to attend class the same timing, going to the toilet the same timing, etc.

96) You’ll want to know all about him/her – middle name, the names of their parents, siblings, any pets, and best friends.

97) You’ll get tired – By the end of each day, your anxiety kills you. “Will I ever get to talk to this person? What if she starts dating and I regret not talking to her all my life? Am I in love?

98) It becomes a habit to drop everything, every plan, and running to your crush if he/she asks you to hang out at the coffee shop.

99) You’ll always texted him/her first, It’s rare that he/she text you first.

100) You’ll find reasons to touch him/her – and then you probably don’t wash that hand for eternity!kidding, but if you could, you probably would.

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