Questions You Should Never Ask on The First Date

30 Questions – You Should Never Ask on The First Date

Hello Friends, I’m Sahil Zangid and today I’ll tell you about those 30 questions, which you should never ask your partner on the first date. I hope you’ll will like it.

1) Does anyone know about this date?

2) Why are you single?

3) How long have you been single?

4) What was went wrong between you and your ex?

5) Have you ever cheated on someone?

6) Where do you see this relationship going?

7) What do your parents do?

8) Are You Dating Other Peoples now?

9) Wanna come up for a drink?

10) What Are You? (religion – cast)

11) What Are You Looking for In a Relationship?

12) So which kind of partner, you are looking for?

13) Are you virgin?

14) When was your last relationship?

15) How was your last relationship?

16) How was your ex?

17) How Old Are You?

18) How much your weight?

19) How much your height?

20) Can my best friend join us?

21) I think I love you, do you love me?

22) How’s I’m looking?

23) Are you nervous?

24) Do you think your parents will like me?

25) Have you ever fallen in love?

26) How much money do you earn?

27) What are your plans for future?

28) So… What are we?

29) Will you marry me?

30) You ever hurt in love?

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